Training Demonstrations

The last type of training I would like to discuss is the training demonstration or demos. Demos can be very effective or a complete bust if not done correctly. The tech can learn how to do it right or misinterpret the entire thing. Here is how I suggest that demos be conducted. Use the SERO method of demonstrating a procedure or process.

Show the proper procedure—Demonstrate the process in real time and with the proper equipment. This illustrates the procedure’s elements in the proper sequence and in a real time frame. If you explain what you doing while demonstrating the procedure, then the audience loses the effect, especially if questions were answered during the initial demo.

Explain the process—Once the initial demo is completed, then explain how it was done, why it was done that way and the importance of the procedure. Entertain questions and answer them completely until all attendees understand. If a question was asked that you do not know the answer to, do not guess, tell the questioner that you will research the correct answer and get back to them with the details. Make sure that all attendees are also informed of the answer.

Repeat the procedure—Now repeat the procedure again with a brief explanation of each segment and entertain all questions that might come up. Highlight the important parts, especially those that may be construed as safety issues. If you can manufacture possible problems or concerns while repeating the process, by all means do so. This demonstrates the ramifications of thrown curveballs and how to handle the problem.

Observe demonstrated skills—Now that they know the proper procedures, it is now important to make sure they can do it. Have the attendees accomplish the training procedure under your observation. Correct any mistakes and have them repeat as often as necessary to master the process. It is best to split up in teams at first and then break them out separately to finish. This encourages compliance without intimidation or stress.

Follow these simple steps and you can assure that you techs will learn the process correctly and fully understand the reason why it must be completed the way you instructed.