European Codes

Last summer I wrote a post explaining the monogram (bug) on auto glass parts. I thought I would expound on that subject and give you a little more information on the European Code known to us as the Circle E standard.

Like the United States, Europe requires that the glass installed into vehicles sold in their countries meet their particular standards for safety. Europe, being made up of multiple jurisdictions, has developed a uniform standard that is accepted by member countries. The standard agreed upon is shown by a circle E symbol emblazoned on the glass monogram. Some glass parts sold and installed in the United States are marked with both the AS markings and the European.

The European markings have three parts, the circle E and country number, the regulation and approval number and the type of glass to which it is affixed to.

Microsoft Word - European Codes.docx

If the “type of glass” symbol is missing, then the type of glass is what we commonly call a tempered part, with 70-percent light transmittance or above. The other “type of glass” symbols are:


Glass Type

US Equivalent













Toughened-glass windscreen

Toughened-glass W/S w/Plastic Facing

Laminated windscreen

Laminated W/S w/Plastic Facing

Treated Laminated-Glass Windscreen

Glass-Plastics Windscreen

Glass Panes with less than 70% light transmittance

Double-glazed with less than 70% light transmittance

Toughened-glass for off road vehicles

Tempered – NA

Tempered Anti-lacerative -NA

Laminated glass

Laminated Anti-lacerative

Heat-strengthened Laminated

Laminated Anti-lacerative



Insulated Unit Privacy


Tempered parts for un-licensed vehicles

The number found in the circle represents the country that approved the glass part for use in an automobile.


Country designations are as follows:

E1 Germany

E2 France
E3 Italy

E4 Netherlands
E5 Sweden

E6 Belgium
E7 Hungary

E8 Czech Republic
E9 Spain

E10 Serbia [and Montenegro]

E11 United Kingdom

E12 Austria
E13 Luxembourg

E14 Switzerland
E16 Norway

E17 Finland
E18 Denmark

E19 Romania
E20 Poland

E21 Portugal
E22 Russia

E23 Greece
E24 Ireland


E25 Croatia
E26 Slovenia

E27 Slovakia
E28 Belarus

E29 Estonia
E31 Bosnia and Herzegovina

E32 Latvia
E34 Bulgaria

E36 Lithuania
E37 Turkey

E39 Azerbaijan
E40 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

E42 European Community
E43 Japan

E45 Australia
E46 Ukraine

E47 South Africa
E48 New Zealand

E49 Cyprus
E50 Malta

E51 Republic of Korea
E52 Malaysia

E53 Thailand

While we are on European subjects, my friend from Romania — who has relocated to Germany — Daniel Dinu, sent me the country listing above and a link to a new tool introduced in Europe. It is called the Systocut®. I think you will be interested in the video located on the site at http://www.systocut.de/.