Front Wiper Arms Replacement for the 2012 Focus, 2013 Escape and 2013 Fusion

My friend and colleague Rod Watson from Carlex Glass America approached me at Auto Glass Week™ 2013 and asked me to use my blog to spread the word about the re-initialization of the wipers on the 2012 Ford Focus, 2013 Ford Escape and the 2013 Ford Fusion. He mentioned the fact that there were some issues regarding the proper alignment and re-installation.

Here are the instructions sent from Watson. These instructions are also available at the www.Carlite.com website by clicking on the products tab and then looking under technical data.

1. Set the ignition switch to the II position (ignition ON).

2. Cycle the wipers to “low speed or high speed” and then turn the wipers “off.” (This action will position the wiper motor pivot shafts to the correct park position).

3. Leave the ignition switch in the “on” position.

Note: Make sure the wiper is in the “park” position. Also ensure the driver-side wiper pivot arm is always positioned above the passenger-side pivot arm.

4. Align the windshield wiper blades inside the marks on the windshield

5. Torque: 22 lb-ft

Note: This step is only necessary if the windshield wiper arm(s) alignment marks are not available. Make sure the wiper motor is in the “park” position.

6. Next, align the wiper pivot arms per these measurements:

—Driver side 3.74 inches (95 millimeters)

—Passenger side 1.968 inches (50 mm)

These instructions seem rather simple but if there are any questions concerning these instructions, give me a call or e-mail me and I will talk to Watson. My phone number is 800/695-5418 and my email is bob@autoglassconsultants.com.