Glass Issues with the F-150

This was sent to me from my friend Danno Olivas from Cascade Auto Glass. I want to give Danno my thanks for the information. When he refers to adding “notes to CAGBoss,” he is basically instructing his people to make notes on their point of sale software so they pick the right parts. The instruction should be the same for my readers. Make a note for proper part acquisition.

It appears there are two problems related to the 2013 Ford F-150:

—Mitchell’s NAGS data doesn’t list the DW01749GTYC as an option in 2013 (even though it is).

—Ford’s system doesn’t decode the VIN# properly. It points to the 9L3Z 1503100 C (which is a DW01982GTYC). 

This was first discovered on BOIS PO# 2701782. Two separate dealerships filtered the VIN# for me and said we needed the 9L3Z 1503100 C … but when we got there it ended up being the DW01749GTYC anyway. I had Cliff swing by Landmark and he found several of each style of windshield in varying models of 2013 F150s on their lot (even from the same manufacturing plant).

Please add notes to CAGBoss to be very clear when asking customer if they:

—Have an oval in the 3rd visor frit that says “FORD;” or

  • No oval … just writing that says “F-150.”

We’ll need to make an additional call to the claims network to make sure we get authorization; either for a part that doesn’t show as valid for that application, or for a dealer part since the DW01982GTYC doesn’t have a valid NAGS list price yet.