Auto Glass Safety Council Accreditation in Texas

I am ready for my training and exam proctoring coming up in San Antonio, Texas, and I can’t wait until next week. As most of you know, I live in Wisconsin and this winter has been slow in leaving God’s Country. We have had one of the harshest winters in memory and I am looking forward to the warm and dry climate of south central Texas and the camaraderie of my friends and colleagues in the automotive glass industry.

My trip to Texas is not a vacation, however. While I enjoy the Riverwalk and the many sites of the city, my job at the show is to highlight the benefit of training and certification to the south central region of the country.

One of this year’s goals of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is to increase the number of qualified technicians in the industry. The group is promoting this by bringing the training and exam to technicians in their own backyards. The accreditation course I teach will be held on April 10th from 3-5 p.m. and then the exam will be given directly after that from 5-6:30 p.m. Not only do you get “to-the-test” training but you also get to take the accreditation exam for free. Pre-registration is now closed, but on-site registration is still available.

Non-members pay only $49 per person, a cost that includes the price of the exam. You cannot beat this deal.

The program consists of two hours of test preparation and training, and then the accreditation exam itself. I will be covering the material necessary to give you the best chance of passing the exam. This course is aimed at techs who are already competent glass installers. My course helps as a refresher with material that techs don’t necessarily see in their everyday practice. Obviously, because of the time we have, the class cannot be all inclusive when it comes to automotive glass installation training, but I will give you the high points to better your odds of passing the exam.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s great for Texas but what about those of us in the great Northeast? Don’t worry. I will be in Baltimore during the Auto Glass Week™ in October, with the same great opportunity.

Would you like a certification refresher course in your region or within your organization? All that is needed is a room and enough technicians ready to learn what’s new and willing to prove their knowledge. For $49 per person for non-AGSC Registered Members and free for AGSC-Registered Members, this is a great cost effective way to build your credentials and improve your reputation in your market. You might just learn something while you’re at it. How can you not jump at this opportunity?

So, get on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, call your local organization, bug your distributor and organize a group to bring AGSC to your region for training and the accreditation exam. AGSC and I want to make you shine in your market by giving you the means to build your business through training and recognition. I hope to see you soon.