Lane Departure Part 4

I have written three prior posts on lane departure systems and this will make my fourth. Again, my friend Mitch Becker from ABRA Auto Body and Glass sent me a bulletin about the 2015 Honda Civic. The lane departure camera for the Civic is located on the exterior rearview mirrors. I assumed that cameras mounted to the header or outside rearview mirrors were not our concern because we never displaced the cameras so re-calibration was unnecessary.

I was wrong.


Mitch reminded me that we replace the exterior rearview mirror glass or mounting plate, and sometimes we displace the mirror housing to replace the door glass or remove interior panels. He also mentioned the fact that if the power to the camera is interrupted, it more than likely will also need re-calibration. He is absolutely correct on these facts which means that if you replace the glass, mounting plate or housing on the exterior rearview mirrors or if you disconnect the camera power connectors while changing the door glass, it is to your best interest to check and see if the vehicle manufacturer recommends or requires re-calibration of the lane departure cameras.

Lane departure systems are going to eventually be on every vehicle you work on so how the camera is mounted to the vehicle determines how you will handle the calibration. Some vehicles will not need calibration because it is not removed or displaced.  Others will require dealer involvement to re-calibrate. Maybe it is a good time to look into an add-on to your glass replacement business, calibration services.