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I got my new National Auto Glass Specifications catalog (NAGS, which is a part of Mitchell International) recently. Yes, I still buy the printed catalog. I would not categorize a NAGS catalog as a good evening reading before bed, but I thought it would be interesting to see what was new. Little did I know that there was a pretty good list of items that were new to me, though not necessarily brand new. So I thought I would begin a series of posts on new technology, or features other than those Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADSD), which need calibration.

The first one on the list is BMW’s Intelligent Headlight Technology (IHT). By definition this is an ADAS but it does not need recalibration every time the windshield is replaced. The windshields that come with the new IHT is the FW3892, 3970, 4034. It is a technology that combines BMW’s adaptive headlights and high-beam assistant. These two systems work together to reduce glare and heighten visibility on dark or weather-limited roadways. The cool part is that the feature does this without blinding the oncoming traffic or the vehicles immediately ahead of you. It automatically adjusts the light beam to literally wrap around the oncoming and preceding vehicles.

Take a look at a video about this by clicking here.

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The camera for this technology is mounted near the rearview mirror much like other ADAS systems. However, do not confuse the intelligent headlights with a lane departure camera or other ADAS cameras. The vehicles equipped with IHT are not equipped with any other driver-assist systems which need recalibration. The camera is only for the headlights and the performance of the headlights is not considered a safety system as we define it. If the system makes the lights go out then that is a definite safety system malfunction; however, the driver can switch to manual headlights.

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This technology should not make a big difference in how you install the glass, but it will make a difference in which glass part you order. Hopefully your customer will know if they have this additional equipment.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to determine if the vehicle is equipped with the headlight system or with other ADAS. You can’t simply ask if there is camera mounted to the glass because both systems have cameras. Ask your customer if they have the BMW Visibility Package or obtain the VIN to determine which one they have. That should give you the answer you need to order the part correctly.

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  2. Carrie L. Cox said on 12-02-2015

    What glass estimating software do you suggest that will let you put in VIN &it tell you which w/s to order ? Would appreciate any positive feedback… Thank you. Always learn from your posts.

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