Auto Glass Week™ is Here

While I wrote this post, my wife Ann was busy making sure that we had everything packed for this week’s trip to Reno, Nev., for the Auto Glass Week™ festivities. When we went to our first national trade show we had no idea the things we were going to learn and see. We knew it was going to be an interesting adventure but we didn’t know the new ideas we were going to discuss and the friends we were going to make.

This year’s event will be no different than the first one we attended. There will be new friends to meet and old friends to share stories and experiences with. There will be new products to explore and new ideas to debate and put to work.

One of the things that I am looking forward to are the seminars and meetings that discuss and decide the future of our industry and how our businesses will have to change to make the most of the new coming trends. Technology is the future and we have to address it, whether we like to or not. I am honored to be part of a panel of experts in a series of seminars addressing, “How Vehicle Technology is Changing Your Business.” Mitch Becker from Abra Auto Body and Glass and Gerry Parij from Saint Gobain-Sekurit join me in presenting the second part of the technology series. The new Advanced Driver Assist Systems and other autonomous systems have been in our industry news for months now and will not go away. So, this series will be very interesting and educational.

Debra Levy from Key communications hit one out of the park in landing one of the most sought-after businessmen in the country, Jack Welch, as a speaker this year. Mr. Welch is one keynote speaker that should not be missed. He alone is worth the price of admission.

Well, I have to make this post short because Ann and I have a lot to do before getting on the plane. We hope to see you there.