by Bob Beranek

A friend recently ran into an issue with a fully loaded 2014 Grand Cherokee with a rain sensor. He reported that after the new windshield was installed, the wiper swiped once every time the vehicle was started, and that when it rained the wiper did not change frequency and/or speed. His team had worked on several of these vehicles in the past and did not have a similar incident.

They took the vehicle to the dealer, where the dealer checked several on-lot vehicles and found that none of them had the same issue. The dealer contacted Chrysler Technical Services and discovered that the system needed resetting.

My friend told me by email, “In the scan tool there was an option asking if the RS had been removed or replaced. (By the way: I don’t think our auto glass tech unplugged it, rather he un-clipped it from the bracket on the windshield and left it hang.)  When ‘yes’ was selected the scan tool the system began resetting door locks, electro mirror, adaptive cruise and many other functions, including the ‘rain sensing windshield.’ After that was complete, the wipers performed normally.”

The charge for this service is about $50 to $75 per reset. The reset covers similarly-equipped vehicles from 2013 and up.

The unclear point in this story is that others have not had a similar problem when the glass was replaced. The tech in this case did not disconnect the rain sensor so interruption of the electrical circuit is not the cause.

My theory is that any Chrysler vehicle with multiple Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) included in its features, requires this reset/recalibration. I think that all ADAS circuits are interrelated and need rebooting. I would be interested to hear from those that have had a similar experience and how they handled it.

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  2. Blaine Pfrimmer said on 22-10-2015

    With my past experience with rain sensors when you remove sensor unplug or not DO NOT TURN IGNITION ON..

  3. larry said on 23-10-2015

    Owners vehicle did the same thing, we did everything we knew. I turned it on and off about 15 times and the problem went away. I think it is an isolated problem.

  4. Steve Cheney said on 23-10-2015

    We have replaced two of these so far. We did not experience any problems and neither vehicle required calibration. We used Mopar glass both times.

  5. DAVE said on 23-10-2015

    Thank you for the heads-up Bob!

  6. John R. Allen said on 25-10-2015

    Thanks again Bob for a Great heads up!

  7. Derrick Lee said on 03-11-2015

    We have yet to run into this issue, but I can imagine as automation and technology in vehicles becomes more and more complex, the cost for these “resets” will likely increase.

  8. because sometimes it works sometimes it don't? said on 25-01-2017

    But where in the glass is the Sensor?because sometimes it works sometimes it don’t?

  9. Chad said on 01-02-2017

    Grand Cherokee didn’t have “lane departure” until 2017. You must be referring to the Cherokee.

  10. Dan said on 23-07-2018

    I realize this is an old thread, but I just had my windshield replaced and every time I start it the wipers run once just as described in the article. It also does not seem to be as sensitive to rain as it should be, visibility is significantly reduced before the wipers will do a pass than before the windshield replacement.

    Can I do a reset as described in the article with an OBD II and CAN scan tool (which I own) or is this a dealer thing?

    • Dan said on 24-08-2018

      It resolved itself before I could take it in to be fixed. Just takes a while or a few off/on cycles to reset I guess.

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