by Bob Beranek

I never knew there was such a thing as an OEM windshield warranty. But apparently there is. And now I’ve learned that one has been extended. I received the head’s up from one of my friends at American AutoGlass Administrators in the United Kingdom, namely Brian Butterworth. He passed along a notice sent to Subaru owners concerning a problem with the original equipment (OE) windshield equipped with a wiper park heater. The warranty on the windshields was extended from three years or 36,000 miles to five years and unlimited miles for a defect in the manufacturing of the OE windshield. According to the letter, the glass is manufactured by Carlex.

Evidently, there is a compound used to adhere the heating element to the glass and the compound can cause a superficial damage that can become a full blown crack. What I think they mean by a superficial damage is a divot rather than a chip that breaks the outer layer of glass. When the heating element is activated with the use of the defroster, there is a concentrated heat spike that can cause a minor divot to become an unrepairable crack.

This damage could be mistaken for a stress break or thermal break because of its location at the bottom of the windshield and the absence of a definite chip in the glass. If the cause can be traced to a rock chip rather than a minor glass divot, the dealership will not pay for the replacement or repair. However, if the break appears to be caused without a chip in the glass and the crack comes in contact with the heating element location, the dealership is required to cover the damage.

Subaru warns that the glass must be the OE part and not a replacement. The OEM will not cover any chips or breaks outside of the heating element area. The company will reimburse the customer for a replacement as long as there was out-of-pocket expense to the customer.

I recommend that all glass shops and technicians be aware of this condition so they can intelligently advise their customers. Contact your local dealer and obtain a copy of the letter sent to their customers. It was dated, October 23, 2015 and titled “Important Notice: Warranty Extension for Windshields Cracking at Deicer On 2015 and early production 2016 Legacy and Outback.” It does contain reimbursement requirements. Glass shops may also be contacted to get replacement invoices from past replacements on 2015-2016 Subaru Legacy and Outback models for reimbursements.

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    • Richard Cassano said on 08-05-2016

      I had this problem on a 2013 Subaru Outback just a few months after purchase. The extended warranty had not been established at that time and proof is long gone since I did not take pictures of the damaged windshield.

      There is, however, an ongoing serious problem with windshields on Subaru’s. It appears that in the interest of making cars lighter to meet EPA fuel standards the windshields are thinner and made more brittle. A light hit from a small object that used to pass without damage now makes a very big chip in the windshield. The heater then produces the dreaded crack that spreads across the glass. My old Honda with 140,000 miles and ten years of highway driving only had one windshield replaced. My 2013 Subaru has had three. Something has changed!

      • Louis G Putz said on 26-12-2016

        I have a 2014 Forester with 13000 miles. It was a cold 6 degree day in Detroit, my wife returned to the vehicle after grocery shopping to find a fine oval crack at the bottom of the windshield extending from the darken area at the bottom going from one side to the other. I saw you post and brought the Forester to Suburban Subaru, they said this was not a recalled car, and tried to show an imperceptible irregularity in the glass and said that was the cause. I instructed them to file a complain for warranty coverage. i will wait. Unfortunately I have recommended to my son, brother, sister and friend, and they have bought them NOW WHAT???? A CRACK WHILE SITTING IN A PARKING LOT, GIVE ME A BREAK ( PUN)

    • EA said on 14-10-2017

      I bought a brand new Forester and within 3 months had 2 cracked windshields! They claim the first crack was impact—but a family member who has made stained glass windows for 45 years said it was how defective glass breaks. Replacement windshield leaked into windshield cameras! They glued it again and within days it cracked just below where it leaked. I’m now waiting for dealer response.

      Ticks me off that dealer acted as if this was news to them!

      Ticks me off that dealer made my insurance pay for first windshield. I’ll be extremely disappointed if they again claim this is an impact crack!

      Time to call the local news? Other?

      My first Subaru… I’m not impressed…

  2. Gary White said on 05-06-2016

    I have the same experience on my 2015 Sports Impreza bought new, This car came out of Miami Florida, I now have 8500 miles on the car, there has never been a snow flake to hit this car or been in cold temps, because I am a snowbird with my Primary Res. in Ky and my Secondary res is in NPR Florida, Yesterday, 6/4/2016, while I was rinsing off my car I was shocked to see that my windshield was cracked, I keep it under a car port so it wasn’t due to weather, I could not see under close inspection to see it road debri hit it, the crack started at the bottom of the windshield where the heat strips are, I had filed a claim with my insurance and I have someone scheduled to come out on 6/9/2016 to replace it. I checked on the internet out of curiosity and saw where some Subaru models had the same problem. I called the local dealer and asked them it there has been an issue with the Subaru Windshields cracking, he told me to bring the car and the service manager would check it out, I would rather that Subaru pay for this rather than my insurance.

    • Marsha Burgett said on 18-07-2016

      Did you ever get reimbursed by Subaru for this? I bought my 2016 Outback just 5 weeks ago, and this weekend as I was backing out of my garage, I noticed a crack starting from the heating element section of the windshield extending up and outward. I took it to the Subaru dealer this morning, and they said there was a re-call for early 2016 models, but not mine and to deal with Subaru customer service about this. I’m still waiting to hear from them.

  3. Kenneth L Love said on 19-11-2016

    Subaru has reduced hardness of 2015 forester windshield & with only 16000 miles the windshield has fine chips, scratches, & a haze on the glass that impairs driving at night in approaching darkness or reflective low light conditions. Needs replacement &if same reduced hardness glass used, a BUG SHIELD IS A MUST. SUBARU SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE< I NEVER HAD THIS ANY CAR BEFORE OR MY GMC 2000 SONOMA.

    • Chris said on 24-09-2019

      Hi, I have a 2017 Outback when t had about 30,000 miles on it the windshield developed millions of tiny imperfections that is causes BLINDNESS!!! It looks like it was sandblasted. Especially early morning or late afternoon-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!
      Do you know if Subaru has done anything for its’ customers to remedy this problem? They KNOW that their windshields are defective !
      I have also read earlier about a class action suit regarding the windshields, do you know anything about that? When I find out more I will post the information here. GOOD LUCK!!

      • Chris Zornes said on 24-09-2019

        Hi, I have a 2017 Outback when t had about 30,000 miles on it the windshield developed millions of tiny imperfections that is causes BLINDNESS!!! It looks like it was sandblasted. Especially early morning or late afternoon-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!
        Do you know if Subaru has done anything for its’ customers to remedy this problem? They KNOW that their windshields are defective !
        I have also read earlier about a class action suit regarding the windshields, do you know anything about that? When I find out more I will post the information here. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Kenneth L Love said on 19-11-2016

    Unless I get reply I will persue for correction & publicize results

  5. kate connell said on 08-01-2017

    On my 2016 Crosstrek, I watched a crack appear and travel from the bottom of passenger side of windshield across to middle of driver side. No impact, just 20 degree weather and defroster on. Crack seemed to appear from heat element. Very disappointing, haven’t had the car for a year yet.

  6. Debbie Myers said on 09-01-2017

    I have had my 2017 Subaru 2 WEEKS!!! now i have a large crack in the windshield. Yes it got cold here and in one day it cracked 18″. I dont feel i should have to pay for this. Oh, and yes it was NOT hit by a rock or anything.. I drive 1 mile to and from work. I love my Subaru, disappointed in this windshield issue. I sure hope Subaru takes care of this.

    • David R. Autry said on 21-04-2017

      I’ve just had a crack appear in my 2017 Subaru Legacy. I was aware that Subaru was having problems with windshields cracking as I had such a problem with my 2015 Outback. Of course, the dealer said that the crack was not covered under the extended warranty provisions mentioned is this article. Therefore, I paid approximately $433 to have the windshield repaired. Thinking that Subaru would have fixed this problem, I purchased the Legacy. Much to my chagrin, it does not appear Subaru has done so and the dealer again has told me that it was not covered. He even said a bird could have dropped a small rock on the windshield and caused the problem. I found this to be incredible since Subaru encourages owners to drive in all sorts of wilderness areas where the terrain is much rougher than you would encounter normally on city streets. The following website has a good discussion as to the problems that led Subaru to extend the warranties on the 2015 & 2016 Legacy and Outback. Be sure to read all 5 pages. What I found interesting was that if the impact was found in the de-icer area, it would be covered. The impact on my Legacy was in that area. I feel that these problems should not occur if a proper windshield was installed in the first place. My daughter also had a crack in her 2016 Outback. I’ve never had this problem with any cars I’ve had in the past and I’ve been driving for over 50 years. I’ve tried to contact customer service for Subaru of America but have not heard from them. I intend to write the President of SOA about this matter. I would like to stay in touch with you about your progress in getting your problem solved.

    • Rebecca said on 18-11-2017

      What did you find out? Ive had my car one week exactly. On my way home after buying the car 2 days earlier a piece of gravel did hit it and cause a crack in lower passenger corner. Within 45 minutes it was growing. I went to straight to safelite and thet said they couldnt repair the crack, it was too big. i called Subaru dealer and he said call my insurance, because car left lot without defects when we exchanged delivery of brand new 2017 outback. Driving home tonight! Another rock but smaller hit and broke the glass. Ill aee tomorrow if it spreads. This is ridiculous. i average 22000 miles per year mostlt highway and none of my nonsubaru cars got cracked windshields.

  7. Bill Ramsey said on 11-01-2017

    I have a 2016 Legacy, we have the crack as well. There was a very small indention in the windshield 3 in above the bottom underneath the wiper. we have not had any rocks hit us. I tried to get this replaced at my local dealer but my Vin was not part of the extended warranty and so they would not replace it. Not impressed!

  8. Tamara wascovich said on 20-01-2017

    My forester has less than 10 ,000 miles,no rock hit it, my windshield, and crack developed from edge of glass. Calling dealership today! Will it be covered as a stress crack?

    • EA said on 14-10-2017

      Tamara, I have a brand new Forester… gone through 2 windshields in 3 months! I’ve owned cars for 40 years and never had to replace a windshield! They told me the cracks were my fault!

      Have you found someone @ Subaru who can help?

    • William Whartenby said on 11-11-2017

      I have a 2017 Subaru Foerster. A crack appeared.on the passanger side and went all the way across to the driver side. No rock hit it. Only 10,000 miles on it.

  9. Payam Soltanzadeh said on 25-01-2017

    We have a Subaru Legacy 2010. Parked in a covered/enclosed attached garage and found this morning a long slightly curved crack along the lower part. There has not been any temperature shock or rock, etc (spontaneous). This seems to be a systematic problem with all Subarus. I am going to check with the dealer to see what they say.

  10. Alan said on 29-01-2017

    I work for a large US Dow 30 company. We purchased hundreds of 2016 Subaru Legacy premium sedans with the eyesight option. Most have had the windshields replaced at least 2 times and some 3 – 4 due to cracking. Our fleet department will most likely order vehicles from another manufacturer when replacements are due. You would be amazed at the percentage of Outbacks, Foresters and Legacys on the road that are corporate fleet cars (sales rep cars). If Subie doesn’t get a handle on this problem fleet departments won’t reorder. Great cars, horrible windshields!

    • John M Rea said on 28-03-2017

      Did you get a response from Subaru? While I am sure that they have a sense of fair play and justice, somehow one with a sizable fiscal impact often gets to the top of the pile. Your’s has both fiscal impact, statistical experience and thus a good claim to have located a defect.

  11. Mark said on 11-02-2017

    Our 2014 Forester just broke its 4th… thats FOUR windshield in just 3 years
    The first one cracked at 10 days old WHILE PARKED IN OUR GARAGE!
    This component (windshield) is of inferior and defective quality.

  12. Dustin said on 15-02-2017

    I have a 2011 Legacy with carlex windshield. I turned the front defroster on and then a crack appeared from one side of defroster to the other. Then I recieved a recall notice for the defroster motor. So i explain to budd baer Subaru and they gave me the whole schpell that a crack can be caused by anything and theres no way to tell. WTF…

  13. Jerry Chu said on 21-02-2017

    I bought two 2017 Legacy 2.5 limited model with Eyesights for my two daughters. The white one (only three months old) had a windshield crack about a month ago. I thought it was just my luck and replaced it at the local dealer and my insurance company paid for the cost minus my deduction. Five days after the replacement, yesterday it cracked again. Both time the cracks were originated from the edge (the dark part) of the windshield.

    Subaru should do the right things and pays for the windshield replacement!

  14. Richard Smith said on 20-03-2017

    I bought a 2017 outback in november2016, it just turned over to 3,000 miles. In March 13th it snowed out, went out and put my defrosters on and clean off car. When I got back into car there was a crack on the windshield starting the bottom of the windshield going up, then going across then going down, I am going tomorrow for my first oil change and see about the windshield. When I call for the appointment. The service manager said it wasn’t there problem and was to call insurance company. I will find out Tomorrow March 21th, 2017. Then let everybody know what happens. Thank you

  15. Richard Smith said on 22-03-2017

    it was a rock chip that cause the crack

  16. Richard Smith said on 22-03-2017

    it was a rock chip that cause the crack

  17. DuWayne Kramer said on 05-04-2017

    I bought an Outback in May of 2015. Within 1 month a crack developed starting in the lower black part of the windshield. About six months later my second windshield developed a crack in the same general area. I now have crack developing my third windshield in the same black area just below the windshield wiper. There is a small divot about the size of a pinhead in the black area that contributed to the crack. I have not had this problem with the 20 plus vehicles I have purchased previously. I have read that the glass is thin . I have heard the heat process to apply the black material can weaken the glass in that area. I do not want to put in the same glass that brakes easily. Are there options?

    • Rebecca said on 18-11-2017

      So did u go with aftermarket glass and have better luck (better quality)? Mine cracked from a small piece of gravel 2 days after purchasing. 2017 outback w eyesight. Then tonight a small rock hit it again on hwy amd caused another crack in glass. Ugh!!!

  18. Katie said on 21-04-2017

    Our (new to us) 2015 Outback got a crack starting at the base that quickly spread to a large 30″ inch winding, curvilinear crack. The initial break happened while it was raining and we got splashed by water off a tractor trailer. No rock/pebble and there was no divot/chip, just the crack that spread rapidly over days. We live in Florida, so not too hot and park in a garage other than when out. This was 2 weeks ago. We paid the difference for OEM glass from our insurance claim and got a replacement. Now yesterday we got a TINY chip from something going about 35mph that barely made a noise. We got Safelite to come repair it and the guy cleaned it to prep and in cleaning it, now there is a 10″ crack. Is this Carlex glass just garbage?

  19. Andrew Mayville said on 18-05-2017

    My wife drives a 2016 Outback, she was driving about five miles an hour in rush hour traffic, she turned on the defroster then the windshield cracked. The crack developed at the base of the windshield. Bob Baker Subaru in Carlsbad Ca. stated that they have never heard of this issue and refused to replace the windshield. We will file a claim with Subaru on this issue. Maybe our last of four new Subaru vehicles.

  20. Kathi said on 20-05-2017

    2017 Forester with 10,000 miles. Went to get car out of garage and saw crack in windshield that started exactly at the center of the windshield directly above mirror mount. No rock chip or other visible damage. Dealership said they have never heard of any problems with windshields. Friend who is a Subaru service manager suggested taking a ball point pen and starting at the top of the crack, run it down the crack and if it catches that is the point of damage. If pen does not catch it probably is a stress fracture and to ask dealership to cover replacement. Guess I will find out.

  21. Carole said on 06-06-2017

    I own 2015 Outback. Two days ago while driving my rearveiw mirror came off and took a chunk of the glass with it. The dealer said they had never seen anything like this. Insurance will not cover the ” unexplained” damage. So I am out of pocket. I have told my Subaru friends of this glass issue.

  22. Christopher Verger said on 06-06-2017

    New 2017 Subaru WRX, window looks worse every day. The car is a few months old.. More scratches form for no reason. I can no longer safely see when sun hits glass. Today I get in and start rolling down street and a crack travels across right before my eyes. For no apparent reason! I am really regretting this car purchase, overpriced garbage. This makes me hate driving it. Who builds a new car you can’t see out of. This may be the last Subaru anyone in my family owns. I would bet they try to charge me for new window. If they cannot put a proper windshield in, this car will definitely have other problems soon..

  23. Cheryl Delmar said on 14-06-2017

    I have a 2015 Subaru Outback. It was sitting in the parking lot at it was 100 degrees outside all day. At 5pm, I started the car and turned the air on high. Within 5 min, the windshield began to crack from under the rubber seal under the windshield wipers a little left of passenger seat, moved 1/2 way up glass and continued to driver side. Was not even driving the car! This is a Subaru windshield defect yet no recall for same. Taking to Subaru. They say they are doing me a favor and replacing at no charge but it is not under warranty or recall. Come on Subaru, you have to own up to this or so many loyal customers will move away from Subaru!

  24. Lynda said on 23-06-2017

    I wonder if the 2017s also have an issue. I recently got a very large (and growing) crack in my windshield. No rock chip at all, just a very large mysterious crack originating at the top center going straight down, then makes a large horizontal horseshoe around the rearview mirror which continues to grow straight across the driver’s side at eye level. Here’s the kicker…there are NO WINDSHIELDS AVAILABLE and both Safelite and Subaru claim there is a hold on them with no ETA as to when they will have any more. Sure makes me wonder what’s up and in the mean time I have a car that’s unsafe to drive. I have a 2017 Legacy Sport with EyeSight with about 6000 miles on it.

  25. JOHN L ROTH said on 27-06-2017

    I have a 2017 Forester that developed a crack starting from the top just to the left of the rear view mirror. It spread in horseshoe fashion several inches below and around the bottom of the rear view mirror. There was no chip on the outside surface. I had it replaced with my insurance, but now I wonder if this is really a manufacturer’s defect.

  26. Rhonda J. Baird said on 12-07-2017

    I also have a 2017 Subaru Outback that is 2 months old.It was parked in the parking lot at work, came out to go to lunch and saw a break starting from the top and going across t he windshield.As I drove home in 88 degree heat it continued to crack in a horseshoe shape. I looked to see if there was a rock chip,wondered how this happened. Googled it and found alll these reviews. Looks like somebody needs to start a suit against Subaru.Love the dealerships that say they haven’t heard of this!!!!This is my second Subaru ,might br my last. I was always a Honda/Acura girl.

  27. Susan Thompson said on 16-09-2017

    Just bought 2017 outback limited July 2017.. Had about 5,000 miles on it and have cracked windshield!! We were traveling along, never heard a rock hit, and there it was. BIG crack but also a chip mark…..had to be rock? Never heard it and also on roads that had very little traffic. Maybe they are very susceptible to very little pressure? Saw a small blemish in lower passenger side but didn’t really bother me to return car…..should have!!!

  28. Paul Mirenda said on 22-09-2017

    I bought a used 2015 Outback Legacy last week with 17k miles. I got home and noticed a crack in the windshield. I took pictures on the lot when I bought the car. It apperas the crack developed on the way from their lot to my home. I know nothing hit the windshield. I called Subaru and they said I should have Geico repair my windshield acting as if they knew nothing about their defective windshields.

  29. Pam Mossbarger said on 06-10-2017

    2015 Outback–4 cracked windshields in 18 months
    Turned it in for 2017 Outback hoping problem was solved–own this one for 6 months and the windshield got an outrageous crack–seemingly no impact–here we go again! Dealership acts like they never heard of this as does Subaru Manf

  30. Ann Warhank said on 24-10-2017

    I went through a dust storm on a freeway with no other cars around. Two cracks appeared. one a little above eye level on the driver’s side and one at the same level on the passenger side. Upon inspection, I did see a rock chip in each of the cracks, but was amazed that the chips progressed to cracks so quickly. I took it to a Subaru dealership, and they told me that cracks can’t be repaired and the whole windshield would have to be replaced. Since the problem was not in the defroster area and because there were rock chips, the expense would be mine. I don’t want to replace it with the same kind of junky windshield that Subaru apparently uses.

  31. Kimberly Ferraro said on 31-10-2017

    I bought a 2017 Legacy this past April. At the beginning of October, got to my car after work (car was parked in a sheltered parking garage; temps around 70 F), and found a cracked windshield. No indication of a chip or any sort of impact. Originating dealership said too bad, not covered under warranty. Another dealership said, hmmm, maybe; bring it in and we’ll take a look. They took pictures and sent it to corporate for approval to replace under warranty (it was approved within 24 hours). Meanwhile, they got the ball rolling to replace the windshield (warranty approval or not, it had to be replaced). They said because my car has eyesight technology, it had to be replaced with an OEM windshield (fortunately there was one (and only one) in stock) and not a 3 party windshield. 🙁 They also proactively got me a loaner so I could get to work the following day. Went back to the dealership next day to pick up my car, and so far so good. My experience with the 2nd dealer (and now my go-to dealer) could not have been better. I just hope I don’t have to do this again.

  32. Randy said on 26-04-2018

    After just 16 months I’m about to replace my windshield for the 4th time in my 2017 Outback (mfg 2016) at my cost, the vehicle has eye sight so an additional 300 for calibration no reason why since we don’t recall a stone impact etc… Although dealer finds spot where it was hit buy a gravel etc.

  33. David Strahm said on 03-05-2018

    Just bought a 2015 Subaru Outback Limited. Had it 2 days when a very small stone did hit in center of windshield. Now have a 12 inch crack. Have a Honda CRV and Jeep that has small chips but has never cracked. We drive in COLORADO where there is a stone sand mix placed on roads in winter. Never had cracking on Honda or Jeep. Dealer won’t do anything.

  34. Joseph said on 04-06-2018

    The windshield on my 2017 crosstrek cracked without anything falling on it to the best of my knowledge. The crack originated from the lower passenger side ( the black area) and it goes up as a curve till about 30% of the windshield height. I called the dealership and I am supposed to get a call from the service advisor.

  35. Craig Bruegger said on 20-06-2018

    June 20, 2018. I bought a new 2018 Forester with eyesight six weeks ago and now have 2500 miles on it. I have a heated garage so my car is protected when not on the road. I washed and waxed it in the driveway and when I came back outside an hour later there was an eight inch crack running up from the bottom edge of the passenger side windshield. Within 24 hours it has extended almost half way across the window. The dealership said it was a rock chip since there is a micro nick less than a 64th of an inch long and it is under the windshield wiper, below the edge of the hood. No one can explain how a rock can hit there.

    • Mike McNeill said on 17-12-2018

      Same thing happened to our 2018 forester. Passenger side right below the wiper blade. Happened on 12/17/2018. Going to see if Subaru can replace the windshield for nothing. I will try. Wish me luck.

  36. Jackie said on 19-07-2018

    I have a 2015 Forester and it has 2 long cracks. One from passenger heater side that goes right across through drivers line of vision. The second is from the eye site area. No point of impact on either crack. I called the dealer and they said only the Outback and Legacy have extended glass warranty. It should be ALL models. So ticked to have to spend 5-600 on a windshield and hope it doesn’t happen again.

  37. Chuck Rogers said on 20-07-2018

    We have had the same issue with our 2017 Forester Touring that we bought new in May 2017. In Jun 2018, we experienced the third windshield crack by a strike so small we didn’t hear anything, just saw the crack as it appeared and spread about 12″. I have read up on the failed Subaru windshield redesign of the Forester for 2017, called an ‘Acoustic’ windshield, it was designed to cut down on cabin noise and also to reduce weight, but actually increases the occurrence of cracks versus chips, because the windshields are made using two thin pieces of glass with a laminate in between. The thinner glass on the outside will crack rather than chip requiring replacement rather than repair. Subaru of America (SoA) will not acknowledge there is a problem, and therefore, as far as I know, is not working to correct the (non) problem. I have owned 19 cars in over 50 years of driving; I have only replaced one windshield on a 1997 Volvo because of an “excessive number of chip repairs” (not a crack) before buying this Forester. It has been a month since our windshield cracked and it is still not replaced. I tried to replace it on the trip on which it occurred, but an OEM windshield was not available (Subaru of America denies there was/is a shortage of windshields), but I verified the shortage in Richmond, VA with two sources. Once I returned home I took the car to the dealer where I bought it and petitioned to get SoA to replace the windshield but as others have noted on this thread, Subaru claims no responsibility if the crack was caused by “foreign debris” (rock) regardless of the fact that it is their failed design that leads to an abnormal rate of crack damage. An automaker that claims replacing a windshield every 8000 miles (in my case) is normal, is not an automaker to be trusted. In my opinion, Subaru should: 1) acknowledge there is a problem with their windshield design, 2) immediately attack this engineering issue with the objective of a ‘counter’ redesign of the windshield to normalize its life expectancy, 3) replace any affected windshield under warranty pending redesign, then once a solution is determined, 4) issue a recall of all affected vehicles to replace remaining faulty windshields. Unfortunately, I don’t think we should hold our breath for Subaru to do the right thing and so I am adopting my own policy regarding this problem; that is, I won’t replace a cracked windshield unless and until it becomes a distraction to my vision or EyeSight’s function, extends from one edge to another, or a second crack occurs (which I know will happen). Additionally, beginning with my current replacement, I will replace with AS1 aftermarket non ‘Acoustic’ windshield. I will also continue to pass on my experience with Subaru to friends and family as I did on the trip that the current damage occurred.

  38. Suzanne Mavity said on 10-08-2018

    I bought a new 2016 subaru crosstrek Dec. 2015. Now it’s Aug 2018 & I need to do my THIRD replacement! All cracks starting in lower passenger corner & traveling up & across windshield. Car only has 16000 miles on it after 2 years 8 months. Ridiculous; has to be a design flaw! No rocks or chips.

  39. Big Quark said on 17-08-2018

    We have an 8 month old 2018 Outback that is having it’s 4th windshield installed. This is a fleet vehicle and they keep replacing the windshield with OEM Subaru Glass. The smallest chip or rock or grain of sand seems to be enough to initiate a crack. Most have been at the edge of the glass.

  40. Jim Lorman said on 08-10-2018

    Our 2017 Outback just developed a ~2 ft crack in the front windshield for no apparent reason. Crack shows no evidence of being hit by anything, just a continuous line with no “bullet” marks or anything. I understand that, because of a lawsuit, Subaru will replace windshields from 2015-16, if damage includes area of defroster. But am I to understand that they are refusing to replace windshields from 2017 or 2018?

  41. D sigman said on 24-10-2018

    Is there a better after market windshield? I am on my 3rd in 2 years.

  42. Anabelle W said on 09-12-2018

    We own both a 2017 Outback AND a 2018 Impreza. The Outback had a chip repaired in the first few months of ownership and so did the Impreza. However, I walk out to the garage two nights ago and there is a foot long crack coming up from the rubber edging on my Outback. NO impact. It has eyesight and they want a ton of money to recalibrate everything. My insurance technically doesn’t cover something with a “mysterious appearance” and no event.

    • Alison M Warner-Colburn said on 13-01-2019

      I have an Impreza 2017 4th windshield… My mechanic suggest a design issue with the frame… your thoughts?

  43. Lynne said on 18-02-2019

    Have owned 2 Outbacks, no issues then purchased a 2018 Impresza wagon in October 2018 and have 2 cracks to windshield within a month of each other. Can’t use after market glass because of eyesight function. This is enough to make me leave Subaru and I’ve been one of their biggest fans up to now.

    • Mohamed said on 24-06-2019

      Purchased a certified 2016 Outback equipped with EyeSight with 23000 miles in November 2018. First crack appeared a few weeks ago in the lower right corner near the wiper blade. No stone or impact and the crack traveled right to left. Windshield was replaced in May. Replaced windshield cracked 2 weeks ago. Crack appeared midway on driver’s side and traveled left to right and hit midpoint in 3 days. Crack started at the edge and no stone or impact. Are we destined to be replacing windshields every few months? Have an appointment with a Subaru dealership on July 8th for them to take a look at it. Family members who were planning to purchase Subarus are now balking at the idea. Is it prudent to install and aftermarket windshield and Sacrifice use of the EyeSight?

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