New Year’s Resolutions for Automotive Glass Shops

Are you beginning the New Year with an annual declaration of resolutions you plan to achieve? Many people do, and every year we usually fall short in achieving our goals. From my personal experience, I know that vows to lose weight, quit smoking, eat better or exercise more many times fall short.

The problem with resolutions is that we set the bar way too high for our will power to overcome.

Resolutions should be small steps accomplished and mastered before the next step is taken. Start with small successes and then move on up to the greater goal.

What does this have to do with automotive glass you might ask?

Over my career, I have seen that a large portion of automotive glass installers and owners have some really bad habits. They may mean well but they just overlook the little things. Like me, these industry professionals must make their new year’s resolutions to correct and change those bad habits.

It may not be common for individuals to make resolutions concerning their business habits but when it comes to success and protecting our customers, maybe we should.

Here are my suggestions for the small steps. Just pick one of the suggestions you don’t currently do and promise yourself that it will be done this year religiously:

  • Pre-Inspect every vehicle and document your findings.
  • Pull or displace every cowl that needs to be removed.
  • Read and understand your urethane’s current technical data sheets and double check changes every six months. Don’t forget the safe-drive-away chart.
  • Wear your personal protective safety equipment.
  • Acquire the proper tools to protect the vehicle’s paint from damage.
  • Use the tools that protect the vehicle’s paint from damage.
  • Use a “V” bead when applying your adhesive.
  • Seek knowledge in the career you chose through research, consistent attendance at trade shows and additional training.

Do not try to do all these things at once. Pick out the one that you can do and master it quickly. Then move on to the next one. Doing it this way will see better success than trying to do everything at once.

I hope you all have a Happy and Profitable New Year!