New Nissan Directives on Windshield Replacement

I received information recently from an AllData representative that caused me to do a double take. Did you know that Nissan is requiring that the inside rearview mirror be replaced when the windshield is replaced on four of their most popular models?

The Position Statements released by Nissan share information regarding collision repairs, including glass, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on the vehicles. One of the statements makes the directive very clear:

“As of the 2016 Nissan model line-up, the LEAF, JUKE, Sentra, and Quest all have non-reusable rear view mirrors. Any windshield replacement on these vehicles also requires the rear view mirror to be replaced.”

Nissan does not divulge the reason for the mirror directive nor is it explained in the service manual. It only says that the mirrors are not reusable. Nissan makes the claim that the windshield is a structural component to the vehicle that it contributes to the advanced vehicle technology and that OEM glass should be used for safety reasons. However, the statement stops short of saying that OE glass is the only kind that can be used for windshield replacement. In fact, they give directives if an aftermarket must be used. The direct quote is:

“Nissan North America DOES NOT support the use of aftermarket or recycled glass in a repair situation. If an aftermarket windshield is unavoidable in a repair situation, please be sure it meets the same specifications and similar quality to the OEM windshield being replaced.”

I am looking into the reason why the mirror must be replaced. I suspect that the mirrors have something to do with the camera or its mounting so replacement is required to ensure calibration success. However, that is a guess and I will keep you informed of what I find out.



Another clear directive from Nissan is the calibration of their Around View® Monitor:

“Nissan North America has taken the position that any time a camera, or camera mounting part (front grille, door mirror, or others) is removed, installed, or replaced, it is mandatory for the qualified repair professional to perform a calibration of this system.”

The Around View® is the automaker’s collision avoidance camera system. It can be mounted in several different areas on the vehicle so the front, side and rear views can be monitored for collision avoidance. This position statement is also very clear and makes the directive “mandatory.”


These are two interesting and important developments for Nissan windshield replacements. Though we do not currently know the reasons for these directives, they must be considered when replacing the windshields on these models. The Around View® Monitor is most definitely a safety issue and must be followed for your own protection. The rearview mirror directive does not directly mention safety related issues, though the mirrors are a safety device. These published Position Statements are unequivocal, however, and are ignored at your own peril.

I will keep you informed as I am able to collect and confirm more information.