OE Urethanes 

Are carmakers going to start pushing the use of their own, specifically branded, urethane kits? Recently I’ve learned that both Mercedes and BMW have moved in that direction. The story of branded urethanes is a developing one.

Many of you know that my son, Jay, is the glass manager of an automotive dealer group in Madison, Wis.  Recently, he attended a technical training held by Mercedes Benz. During the training, the instructor stated that Mercedes will only warrant installations completed with their OE glass and OE adhesives. He wanted to know what brand of adhesive Mercedes uses, and does he have to follow the directive? So, I set out to do some research.

I mean this only as a “heads-up,” in case your dealer clients start to require that you use their OE adhesive. If they do, I would suggest that you ask them to supply you with an SDS and instructions for use. Also, find out your cost and get special authorization or inform your customer accordingly. If Mercedes’ warranty requires its branded urethane to be used, even though our ARG adhesives meet (or exceed) their specs, it is a discussion you will need to have with your customer and/or their insurance company.